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Redesign your Reality

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A Quantum Leap 

Daniel offers a unique approach to optimizing and transforming companies and individuals who strive for greatness and a positive impact for the planet. Using wisdom gained from a 13 year pilgrimage studying with masters from around the globe, the services Daniel and his team offer are some of the most cutting-edge programs available.

A guide for leaders in the transforming paradigm of our time.


Daniel Raphael is an intuitive guide and global meditation teacher who has taught thousands to manifest the life of their dreams by harnessing the universal laws and transform their greatest blocks and challenges.

He advises high-impact leaders and founders of Fortune 500 companies on how to expand their consciousness, open their hearts, and lead through intuition to create a more beautiful world. From presenting at Necker Island and the leading Silicon Valley masterminds to offering over a thousand free sessions and transformational events to people struggling with addiction or PTSD, Daniel’s mission is to remind all of humanity of the ancient keys to life in a refreshing and simple way with the Dreamporting system.

Daniel considers himself an eternal student who is grateful for the countless teachers and teachings on his path. Being born with advanced intuitive abilities which then shut down after a series of traumatic events, Daniel left conventional therapies for a 13-year healing quest around the world to overcome severe mental and emotional challenges and now is dedicated to sharing his discoveries with the world.


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“Daniel has tremendously helped my personal & spiritual development. His ability to understand exactly what's needed to level up your abundance, manifestation, & enlightenment is one of his greatest assets. The business opportunities that have opened up in just the past year alone has been more than in the past decade! I would recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to tremendously grow their business & awaken one's highest self!

Peter Nguyen, CEO: AdExchange, Serial Entrepreneur

“In five minutes that he met me, he deciphered what was going on in my life...the thing I take away most is feeling that I can do anything!"

Mara Gibbs / Writer: Huffington Post

“Daniel is an incredible alchemist. My wife & I have been following his guidance & it's proving to be transformative. I'm honored to know him."

Lucien Vattel / CEO: GameDesk, Become Agency

“Daniel is my favorite wizard. His work is transformative & I highly recommend it."

Richard Gordon / Author, Founder of Quantum Touch

“Daniel is a wizard sent to earth to remind us to be more of who we really are. He has inspired me to grow and reach for new heights. I'm so grateful for knowing him, his bravery & his wisdom."

Dream Rockwell / Co-Founder: The DoLab, Director: Lucent Dossier

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