Daniel Raphael



Daniel Raphael is a modern day wizard, with a unique gift of seeing and shifting realities. He has worked with heads of state, the world’s leading CEOs, thought leaders and creatives in transforming their lives, businesses, relationships and communities.
As the founder of the Dreamporting life system, he teaches intuitive based techniques to surrender into one's optimal life path.

Daniel was diagnosed with half a dozen debilitating mental health conditions by his teens. Doctors said it was "impossible" to function without a variety of prescription drugs. Instead, Daniel heard an inner voice that he listened to, embarking a journey around the world. Living with shamans and masters from various traditions on many continents, he awakened to forgotten wisdom and mystic arts allowing him to return with a new perspective and system to be in service to others. Today Daniel focuses on teaching forgotten skills to reconnect one's intuition and ability to cocreate reality with the universe. His online school, The Flow Alliance supports hundreds of students while he does offer a handful of private mentorship for leaders committed to a more beautiful world.


“In five minutes that he met me, he deciphered what was going on in my life...the thing I take away most is feeling that I can do anything!"

Mara Gibbs / Writer: Huffington Post

“Daniel is an incredible alchemist. My wife & I have been following his guidance & it's proving to be transformative. I'm honored to know him."

Lucien Vattel / CEO: GameDesk

“Daniel is my favorite wizard. His work is transformative & I highly recommend it."

Richard Gordon / Author, Founder of Quantum Touch

“Daniel is a wizard sent to earth to remind us to be more of who we really are. He has inspired me to grow and reach for new heights. I'm so grateful for knowing him, his bravery & his wisdom."

Dream Rockwell / Co-Founder: The DoLab, Director: Lucent Dossier

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